Before your OSPI Hearing

What may happen before your hearing?


If you miss any of your scheduled events, the judge may dismiss your case. This is called a default. You will receive an Order of Dismissal-Default. This ends your case.

If you still want your hearing, you must follow the instructions on the Order of Dismissal-Default.

You have a limited time to do this.

A time will be scheduled for you to explain to the judge why you missed your event. The judge will decide whether or not to reopen your case.


A withdrawal is a request to dismiss (end) the case. This can only be done by the party who requested the hearing.

There are several reasons for a withdrawal. You may settle your case. You may no longer want to continue your appeal. The other party may withdraw its action against you.

To withdraw your case, contact the judge. Call 800-583-8271 or email You may also send a written statement to OAH:

Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings

One Union Square, Suite 1500

600 University Street

Seattle WA 98101-3126

Fax: (206) 587-5135

Please include your name and OAH docket number or OSPI cause number.

Changing the hearing date (Continuance)

If you have a good reason, you may be able to change the prehearing conference or hearing date. You must contact the other party to ask if they agree with the change. Then contact the judge to make your request. The judge will want to know if both parties agree to the change. The judge will decide if the date or time will be changed. If your hearing date changes, OAH will send you another notice with the new date and time.

Motion Hearing

A motion is a request for the judge to take action. The motion hearing is when you can discuss the request with the judge and the other party.

You must send your written motion to the judge and the other party. Your motion should tell the judge what action you want the judge to take, and why. OAH will contact you and the other party to schedule a time and date for the judge to hear your motion. The motion hearing will be held over the telephone.

Status Conference

A status conference is a scheduled event where you can discuss the case with the judge. For example, if a settlement is pending, a status conference may be held to update the judge.


A settlement is when the parties reach an agreement that resolves the case. To discuss settlement, call the other party or the other party’s representative.