OAH Rulemaking Activities

The Office of Administrative Hearings encourages the public to be involved in the rulemaking process by attending public hearings and submitting comments on proposed rules.  You can find information on current rulemaking activities below or by clicking on the link to the OAH Semi-Annual Rulemaking Agenda.

Current rulemaking activities for the second half of calendar year 2023 are outlined in the Rulemaking Calendar.

OAH filed with the Code Reviser's Office a CR-103P for proposed rulemaking to amend our current accommodation rule WAC 10-24-010The Washington State Register (WSR) document is WSR 23-16-106.  The amendment can be viewed here:  Permanent Rule.
OAH filed a CR-101 for preproposal statement of inquiry to clarify the organizational description in our public records rule in WAC 10-04-015.  The Washington State Register (WSR) document is WSR 23-16-080.  


If you have questions, please contact the agency Rules Coordinator, Barb Cleveland at 360-407-2700 or at rulemaking@oah.wa.gov.