Top 4 Questions

Can I appeal the suspension of my childcare license?

Yes. You can ask for an administrative hearing to challenge the DCYF decision to suspend your childcare license. You must send your written appeal with a copy of the notice to both OAH and to DCYF Childcare Division in a way that provides proof of service (for example certified mail). The request for hearing must be received by the deadline listed in your notification letter. It is essential to take all the steps listed in your notification letter.

For a more complete understanding refer to the Requesting a Hearing Rule, WAC 110-03-0050.

Is there a way to prevent (stay) the suspension of my ability to provide childcare so I can work while the appeal is being scheduled and decided?

For the judge to consider your stay, you must specifically ask for a Stay of Summary Suspension of Childcare Licensing. This can be done in your initial request for a hearing. This can also be done later but you will not be able to continue providing childcare until the judge makes a decision.

Refer to your Notice of Summary Suspension and Suspension of Childcare License letter, which specifically lists what you need to do to appeal.

For more information, refer to the Stay of Summary Suspension of Childcare License, WAC 110-03-0290

What do I need to include in my request for a stay of summary suspension?

Your written request for a stay must include:

  • Reasons why OAH should stop DCYF’s immediate suspension of your license. 
  • You must include facts that support your position.

For a more complete list refer to the Stay of Summary Suspension of Childcare License, WAC 110-03-0290.

After I make a request for a stay or hearing, what should I expect to happen?

Refer to this Summary Suspension of Childcare Licenses/Hearings handout.