Legal Research and Resources

You are not required to have an attorney.  If you represent yourself, it is important that you prepare for the hearing. Review the decision made by the agency.  Review the law related to that decision.  Think about the information you want to tell the judge.

The resources below may be helpful when you are preparing for your hearing. (The resources below are intended to assist you in the hearing process and are not intended to provide legal advice.)

Frequently Conducted Hearings

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Legal Aid

Listed below are legal aid resources you may find helpful in preparing for your hearing.

Laws and Regulations

Published Decisions

Other Resources

Master List of Resources from OAH Webpages

Resource Phone Number Website

Apple Health Eligibility Manual

Attorney General's Office

 (360) 753-6200


  • In King County call 211
  • Outside King County call 888-201-1014

Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF)
DCYF Significant Cases
Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Division of Child Support

DSHS Manual

DSHS - Past decisions from hearings

Employment Security Department (ESD)

 (800) 318-6022

ESD - Past decisions from hearings

  Precedential Decisions

Find Law

HCA Forms

  • in multiple languages

  • Use form number 12-511 for Hearing Request and 12-512 to Cancel a Hearing

Health Care Authority (HCA)

Health Care Authority - past decisions from hearings   Significant decisions | Washington State Health Care Authority

Moderate Means Program

 (855) 741-6930
Northwest Justice Project (888) 201-1012 Home | Northwest Justice Project (

Office of Civil Legal Aid (OCLA)
New COVID-19 resources including free legal representation

Unemployment Law Project

Free and low cost legal representation

Phone:  (888) 441-9178
Form:  ULP Contact Page (click "Ask a Question")
Fax:  (206) 727-4819

Veteran’s Project

 (855) 657-8387

WA State Bar Association

Washington Law Help


Apple Health
Regulatory Caseload
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Any Caseload

Notice of Appearance (NOA) by attorney or representative:

Notice of Withdrawal by attorney or representative: