How to Prepare

Apple Health Hearings


General Hearing Information

Do I need a hearing?

In many cases, the Health Care Authority (HCA) is simply missing some information.  Contact the HCA Representative to see if your case is missing any information. 

You can call HCA at 1-855-623-9357.  You will also receive a letter from HCA with contact information.

You may be able to resolve some issues before the hearing. 

How can I request a hearing?

In most cases, you can request a hearing in writing or by phone.  (Click Forms and Publications and use form 12-511.

If you have any questions about how to request a hearing, please call  360-407-2700 or 800-583-8271.

If you disagree with a Health Care Authority Washington Apple Health (HCA WAH) notice, read it carefully.  It has instructions on how long you have to request a hearing.  It is your responsibility to request a hearing on time.   

Can I change the hearing date?

You may be able to change the hearing date if you have a good reason.  Contact the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) as soon as possible with your request.  The judge will decide if the date or time may be changed.  If your hearing date changes, OAH will send you a new notice with the new date and time.      

What if I want to cancel my hearing?

You cannot cancel your hearing over the phone.  To cancel a hearing, you must do it in a letter, fax or email to OAH or HCA. 

Information needed:

  • That you want to cancel the hearing.
  • Sign your name at the bottom of the letter.
  • If sending by email, your full typed name at the bottom is the same as your signature.
  • Print your full name.
  • Docket number or client ID (optional).

The appellant or appellant representative must sign the request to cancel the hearing. 

Please note that you cannot sign for your spouse unless you have been made an appellant representative.  Please call OAH if you are not sure at 253-476-6888. 

What if I need an interpreter?

If you want an interpreter, click Interpreter Request or call OAH as soon as possible. The state will pay for the interpreter.  Family members and friends cannot be your interpreter at the hearing.  

For a free translation of OAH documents, call 360-407-2700 or 800-583-8271.

What if my phone number or address changes?

If your phone number or address changes, call OAH as soon as possible at 360-407-2700 or 800-583-8271.  You should also call HCA.

What if I have a disability and require an accommodation? 

If you or any of your witnesses have a disability and require an accommodation to participate, contact OAH as soon as possible. You will need to tell OAH about how the disability effects the ability to participate and describe how we can help by accommodating the need so you can access our facilities and services. 

Click Request Accommodation to request an accommodation or call OAH at 360-407-2700 or 800-583-8271.  

Do I need a lawyer?

No, you do not need a lawyer.  Most people represent themselves.  You may have a lawyer, family member or friend represent you as long as they do not work for the Health Care Authority (HCA).  The state will not pay for your lawyer.