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How to Prepare
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Hearings


Prepare for Hearing



You are allowed to testify and bring other witnesses. A witness is someone who will give testimony to support your case. You need to make sure they are available at the time of the hearing.  The other party may also bring witnesses. 


Witnesses should be people who know first-hand about what happened in your case.


Witness lists

If you have witnesses, you must tell the judge and the other party.  You must do this by the due date in your Prehearing Order. 


Here is a form you may use for your witness list:

Witness List (PDF)

Witness List (Microsoft Word)



Exhibits are documents you want the judge to read before making a decision.  If you have exhibits, you must:

You must do this by the due date in your Prehearing Order.


The judge will tell you how to deliver your documents to the judge and the other party.



Additional Information

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