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What is...


  The administrative hearing process?


  An unemployment hearing?


  A child support hearing?


  A public assistance/welfare hearing? 


  What are other types of hearings?


  How do I know what type of hearing I have?


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How do I...


  Request a hearing?


  Prepare for my hearing?


  Submit documents?


  Attend my hearing?


  Find legal assistance?  (free or low cost)


  Become a Suitable Representative?


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What if I...


  Missed my hearing?


  Want to reschedule my hearing?


  Want to cancel my hearing?


  Lost or never received my paperwork?


  Have disabilities and need accommodations?


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OAH recently had an independent "Fee Structure, Billing Methodology, Productivity, and Organizational Structure Review" performed by Stellar Associates. 

Message from Chief Lee

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