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What to Expect
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Hearings


Prehearing Conference (PHC)


What happens at a prehearing conference? 

The prehearing conference is by phone. It can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.    


The parties and the judge will discuss:

At the prehearing you will not:


What happens if I do not attend the prehearing conference?

If you asked for the hearing, you must participate in the prehearing conference.  Otherwise, your case may be cancelled (dismissed).


How do I participate?

You will receive a Scheduling Notice.   It will tell you how to participate.  Here is an example - Scheduling Notice.


Before the prehearing conference, you must call OAH to provide a phone number where you can be reached for the prehearing.


What if no one calls me?

If the judge does not call you within ten minutes after the start time, call OAH at (360) 407-2700 or (800) 583-8271.  


What is a Prehearing Order?

After the prehearing conference, you will receive a Prehearing Order.  The order lists all of the due dates and the hearing date, time and location. It will have a statement of the issues for the hearing. 


It is very important to read all of the Prehearing Order.


Sample Prehearing Conference Order



Additional Information

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