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2017 Proposed Rule-Making


OAH rule changes are being proposed.  Click here to view the OAH Proposed Rule Changes Published on the Washington State Register.  


Rule-making Hearing

A public hearing on WAC 10-08-055 Suitable Representation has been scheduled for May 30, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in Olympia. 


Written Comments

Once a hearing is set, you may submit written comments on the proposed rule changes. Comments may be submitted in a written letter or by email.  


  • WAC 10-08-055 Suitable Representation

Deadline for comments:  May 29, 2017 (due to the Memorial Day holiday, OAH will accept all written comments received before 5:00 p.m. on the date of the rule-making hearing)

Contact email address:

Contact address:  PO Box 42488, Olympia, WA  98504-2488


  • WAC 10-04 Public Records

Deadline for comments:  not yet determined

Contact email address:  not yet determined

Contact address:  not yet determined


Synopsis of Proposed Rule Changes


  • Amendments to WAC 10-08-055 Suitable Representation


Main objectives of rule:

  • Establish within OAH a process for OAH Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) to refer a party with cognitive disabilities to the OAH ADA Coordinator to review, conduct an assessment and handle the issue (assessment determines extent of mental impairment and appropriate response).
  • Establish a network of “ombuds” persons to assist those pro se parties with accessing OAH’s administrative appeals processes (comparable to non-disabled pro se appellants) and to ensure that they are not denied equal and meaningful access to the hearing process.
  • Establish a training program for (1) OAH ALJs and support staff and (2) ombuds persons who are trained to assist pro se parties determined to need assistance with the OAH hearing process.


  • Amendments to WAC 10-04 Public Records


Main objectives of rule:

  • The Office of Administrative Hearing intends to update our public records rules using Chapter 44-14 WAC, the advisory model Public Records Act rules.



Additional Information

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