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Hearings will not be postponed due to government shutdown

At approximately 11:15 p.m. on June 30, 2017, Governor Inslee signed the operating budget passed by both houses of the Washington State Legislature.  This means that the Office of Administrative Hearings will not have to suspend its operations or temporarily lay off employees.  All temporary layoff notices are rescinded.  All notices of emergency leave without pay and emergency reduction in hours are rescinded.  All employees should return to work on their next scheduled work day.  All OAH offices will be operating normally and under normal business hours.  OAH will be open and conducting full operations on July 3, 2017.  


OAH Hosts 2017 NAUIAP Conference

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) is hosting the 2017 conference for the National Association of Unemployment Insurance Appeals Professionals (NAUIAP) on June 18- 22, 2017 in Seattle, Washington.


The conference will include training workshops with speakers who are top professionals in the Unemployment Insurance field.   


Please visit for more information.


Administrative Appeals of Washington State Electors

The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) received the electors' administrative appeals from the Secretary of State’s Office.  Three of the hearings were combined and the hearing was held on 3/3/17.  The fourth hearing for Mr. Satiacum was scheduled on 4/19.  The hearings were open to the public.  


OAH Administrative Law Judge Robert Krabill presided over the hearings.  He is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 2001.  He has been a judge at OAH for the past 14 years.  Judge Krabill has held thousands of hearings.  He has a very wide range of experience and understanding of the Washington State law for a variety of different areas of law and government agencies.


OAH is an independent agency created by the 1981 Legislature to be a neutral forum to adjudicate disputes between Washingtonians and government agencies.  OAH handles more than 41,000 appeals each year for a wide variety of government programs. 


March 3rd Hearing

The hearing on March 3rd was recorded.  Click here to view the hearing.  The judge's decision from the hearing on March 3rd is available.  Click here.


April 19th Hearing

The judge's decision from the hearing on April 19th is available.  Click here.


For further information or press inquiries, please contact the OAH Public Information Officer at (360) 407-2700.   


OAH Public Contacts

Public Information Officer - Primary Media Contact
Tarisse Injerd - (360) 407-2700


Public Records Officer - Secondary Media Contact
Executive Assistant Barb Cleveland - (360) 407-2700


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