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A Message from Chief ALJ Lorraine Lee

We appreciate the comprehensive, objective review conducted by Stellar Associates.  We also appreciate the time and participation of stakeholder representatives who shared their perspectives and feedback through interviews or survey responses.  Stellar’s report and recommendations help us gain a clearer vision of how OAH can become more effective and efficient, and where there are opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders to improve processes.  The OAH executive management team is closely reviewing Stellar’s 63 recommendations to assess alignment with strategic initiatives, priority, available resources and feasibility.


As Stellar found, OAH employees are passionate about our mission and take pride in serving the public.  This deep commitment and dedication to the OAH mission provides the foundation. Stellar’s recommendations will help us build for further success.


Click here for the executive summary.

Click here for a copy of the report.



OAH Public Contacts

Public Information Officer - Primary Media Contact
Tarisse Injerd - (360) 407-2700


Public Records Officer - Secondary Media Contact
Executive Assistant Barb Cleveland - (360) 407-2700


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